Introducing... Booze Rubs own, Mama Bear's Whats-this-here-sauce!

During our recipe development phase we discovered that the Worcestershire suace used in a number of our products was not as natural as we had hoped. The obvious solution, was to make our own!

Held to the same all-natural, taste of homemade standards that you'll find in our marinades, Mama Bear's Whats-this-here-sauce tastes great in everything from chicken soup to salad dressings.

Available fall 2008!

Now available in stores...

We'd like to welcome the newest member of the Booze Rubs family, local specialty grocer, Pasta & Co. Beginning June 1st Booze Rubs three delicious marinade flavors will be available at all four Pasta & Co locations.

Or visit our website to purchase Booze Rubs directly.


New Site!!

Hello again, Booze Rubs enthusiasts!

Y'all will be happy to learn that our website is now officially up and running. Check it out! Keep your eyes on our blog for continued news updates and the special inside scoops.

Also, our label is being finalized and Booze Rubs will be available on specialty market shelf near you in no time.

Here's to your health and wellness,

-Booze Rubs



Our official website is underway. In the meantime, we've set up this handy blog to keep you in the know about all of your Booze Rubs needs.

A special thanks to all of our friends who attended our Booze Rubs tasting last night. It was a great success! Who knew the Lemon Rosemary Booze Rubs would be so delicious on a thin-cut pork loin? I'm still dreaming of it...

In other news, Booze Rubs samples have been sent to the lab for shelf-life testing and Nutrition Facts will soon be available.

Give us a ring or shoot us an email today if you'd like to give us a try.

Kind Regards,
-Booze Rubs



Hello, and thanks for visiting our blog. We're busy readying our Booze Rubs for you. Please feel free to contact us with any questions about our product and where to get it. We'll continue to post updates, recipes, and great links to things we love.

Bon Appetite!